Supply of machinery, machining centers and other equipment for metalworking

We are engaged in supply of high quality metalworking equipment from the best Asian and European manufacturers. We offer ready-made high-tech solutions, tools, measuring equipment, and commissioning works. We provide consulting services and project management services to our customers, train customer personnel, and perform installation, service, and maintenance of delivered equipment.

Foundry equipment supply

Our company is engaged in the supply of special technical equipment and spare parts from the best European and Asian manufacturers for enterprises associated with the metallurgical foundry. We have many years of mutually beneficial experience in implementation of partner companies for realization of structural projects in the industry.

Engineering services provided in foundry production

To provide our clients with competent advice in this area, we use the engineering department of our partner company SLT LLC , which has extensive practical experience in implementing modern developments in the field of creating high-tech foundries and organizing custom casting production processes at industrial enterprises of the automotive and railway profile, for updating their production base or creating new production facilities. We in cooperation with partners can offer customers a full range of services from the development of design documentation to the commissioning of a turnkey facility, complex solutions for the automation of casting technological processes, which can significantly reduce the cost, improve quality and shorten production time of products based on proven and well-proven solutions.

For newly created foundry shops

  • elaboration and preparation of foundry production specifications together with the customer
  • analysis of the range of foundry goods and development of processes for their production
  • development of pre-project proposals and feasibility study of created production
  • development of the detail project of created production
  • delivery and commissioning of foundry equipment
  • training of customer personnel
  • start of foundry production
  • elaboration of production technology to the optimal scrap level

For foundry production under reconstruction

  • analysis of existing foundry production and development of proposals for its reconstruction
  • improvement or replacement of foundry technology for a specific range of foundry goods
  • modernization or replacement of foundry equipment
  • use of modern foundry materials
  • development of pre-project proposals and feasibility study for reconstruction of foundry production
  • delivery and commissioning of foundry equipment
  • field supervision of the commissioning of reconstructed production