Kolomna Energy Service Ltd is an experienced and competent partner in the supply of metalworking equipment, precision machine tools, instrumental, measuring and laboratory equipment, other special equipment for metalworking, as well as supply induction furnaces and other equipment necessary for organization and modernization of the foundry products from the world's best manufacturers.

In order to implement its engineering projects, today our company is actively outsourcing qualified and competent personnel, is a competent and experienced partner in terms of supply of metal-working equipment, precision machinery, tools, measuring and laboratory equipment, other equipment for metal working, induction furnaces, and other equipment from leading world producers required for the management and modernization of foundry production. We offer ready-made high-tech engineering solutions to our customers, including training of customer personnel, commissioning and maintenance of supplied equipment.

Our story

ТОО "Kolomna Energy Service" было основано в 2000 году на частном капитале для продвижения продукции ОАО "Коломенский завод" на рынки стран Восточной Европы. С начала 2000-х годов ТОО "Kolomna Energy Service" являлось торговым представительством завода в странах Евросоюза и прочно занимало свою нишу на рынке поставок запасных частей для тепловозного парка железных дорог и модернизации подвижного состава железных дорог в странах Европы и Центральной Азии.

Kolomna Energy Service Ltd was established in 2000 on a private equity basis in order to promote PJSC Kolomensky Zavod products in the Eastern European markets. Since the beginning of the 2000s, Kolomna Energy Service Ltd has been a trade representative of the plant in European Union and has firmly occupied its niche in the market for supply of spare parts for diesel locomotive fleet of railways and modernization of the railway rolling stock in Europe and Central Asia. In the period from 2001 to 2014, our company was actively engaged in export deliveries of the whole range of PJSC Kolomensky Zavod products, tendered for supply and ensured effective implementation of the program of modernization of the diesel locomotive fleet of railways in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.

Currently, the main activity of our company has been engaged in deliveries supply of a wide range of metalworking equipment and special equipment for enterprises with a metallurgical foundry profile.

Since 2003, we have been a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has many times become a top-rated competitor.